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Nate The Great

Best Personal Trainer in Pittsburgh

Whether you're embarking on a brand new exercise regime or just want to switch up your current habits, you’ll need a personal trainer that is highly qualified with a friendly, yet motivational attitude. Look no further than Working Harder – you’ve found one. I am an expert in helping my clients achieve their...

Relaxing & Peaceful

I offer a range of styles of yoga at my welcoming studio, so you’re sure to find one to suit you. My most popular classes are flow classes, the dynamic practices that will have you moving around the mat in a fluid sequence. I also offer calmer styles, as well as restorative styles of yoga, where postures are held...

Advantages of Choosing Us

  • 24/7 availability
  • Free consultation
  • Parking available
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Accept debit/credit cards
  • By appointment only
  • Wifi on the premises
  • Bike parking available
  • Covid Free

We Offer

Personal Training

Personal Training

Weight Loss Training

1. Working Harder boot camp.

2. 10 day challenge. 

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$20.00 Per Hour

Strength Training

  1. Make the muscles stronger.
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$20.00 Per Hour

Balance Training

1. Help prevent falls.

2. Help fix your posture.

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$20.00 Per Hour


Working Harder Clothing

Working Harder Clothing

T-shirts & Sweat Suits

"Get your good energy shirts, and start building everyone's good energy around you"💪

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$15.00 $15 T-shirts

Sweat Suits

Show people, you are building the good energy around you in your Working Harder Sweat Suit.

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$60.00 $30


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Are you ready for the first 100% positive energy space!?!?

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